Thursday, November 29, 2012

Excerpts That Rock - Vaempires by Thomas Winship

Vampire books are great when done correctly. They're even better when an author can create a new story involving the sexy, supernatural beasties. Winship did both in Vaempires: Revolution.

This is a heart-stopping book that is impossible to put down. It's like I was sitting on the main characters shoulder the whole time, seeing and feeling everything he was. That's how great Winship writes.

Here is a short excerpt of his wonderful work:  

He looked away as another pair climbed atop the dining table and started moving to the rhythm of the music. The woman, a gorgeous, statuesque blond whose hair color and proportions suggested enhancement, unzipped the front of her suit and pulled it down to her waist, while væmpires seated around the table hoisted glasses and hooted. 

Her partner, nearly as attractive as her with muscles that rippled beneath his night-fighter suit, stopped dancing to paw at her. She pushed him away, he made lascivious motions toward her, and the audience clinked glasses together in delight. They were beyond drunk. They had imbibed their fill of alcohol, no doubt, but this group was intoxicated on even more potent substances­—violence, victory, blood, and sex.

The scene was an affront in so many ways that Daniel couldn’t begin to list them. He watched from afar, their ceremony burning into his memory. Their laughter hurt his ears. Their stench stung his nostrils. His blood boiled with the need for vengeance.

It was too much. A red haze clouded his vision as the bloodlust came on. He’d never felt it before, but he instinctively knew what it was—the most deadly, and dangerous, vampire emotion—and opened himself to its dark embrace. He was going to kill every last one of them.

His claws extended farther, pain rippling through his fingers. More fangs exploded from his gums, extended his mouth into a gaping, glittering maw of razor-sharp death. In seconds, Daniel was transformed into a killing machine, incapable of conscious thought and nearly impossible to stop.

He was death personified.

Like a bolt of lightning, he streaked across the lawn. He was among the væmpires before they saw him coming, a result of his enhanced speed, not their dulled senses.

The eight seated around the dancing table fell before they knew they were under attack. The dancers never knew what hit them. Three more toppled before anyone moved.

He sliced through necks. He stabbed through eyes. He shredded torsos to the bone. Blood thinned by alcohol splattered farther, drained faster, and smelled sweeter than he’d ever experienced. He joined the dying in their intoxication, getting drunk on righteous slaughter.

And then there were only two left. The pair on the sofa, so involved in their coupling that they never realized death was upon them.

The man’s head flew away, the blood gushing from his neck to choke the woman, as her gasps of pleasure became a silent scream and her eyes begged for mercy.

Mercy? Daniel didn’t know what that was.


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