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Important Forum Threads

  • Tweet Loops | Support other authors in the genre of your choice by selecting some promo tweets from their list.
  • Critique Partners | Look for new critique partners in the group.
  • Beta Readers | Request that group members beta read your work.

Be Featured

Our blog is for promotional purposes and is geared towards readers and blog visitors. We post only once a day (with a few exceptions for time-specific posts like free days).

Blog Tour Promotions
Executive in charge: Nikki Jefford

Interviews and Guest Posts can be posted for tours. For interviews, simply pick 5 questions from the list here.  Nikki Jefford  is in charge of all guest posts, so email her if interested. Note: blog-tour-related giveaways can be put with the interview or guest post, but all other giveaways for any other event type are separate. See below.

Giveaways & Free Days
Executive in charge: Christie Rich

Giveaways can be hosted elsewhere for anything, and you can post it on the site as long as you have a rafflecopter giveaway and give us the code. You must have a rafflecopter. We don’t want to manage the giveaways—just post them for you to help you gain exposure. Christie Rich is in charge of all giveaways (except those associated with blog tours, see above), so email her to get your giveaway featured.

Talent Features
Executive in charge: Jen McConnel

A talent feature is a post talking about someone in the writing world, be it a blogger, author, editor, cover artist…you name it. The goal is to give this person exposure for being awesome.  We’ll start off by featuring our authors and bloggers, so when your name comes up, we’ll give you a holler. To nominate someone else (your favorite editor, or cover artist, or whatever), email Jen McConnel. She’s in charge of this section.

Cover Reveals
Executive in charge: Rebecca Hamilton

Includes cover reveals, features, and contests. If you want to do a cover envy section or something, that’s covered here. Rebecca Hamilton is in charge of this, so email her for more.

Excerpts & 1st Chapters
Executive in charge: Rachel McClellan

If you want to host an excerpt for your book or use the blog to host your 1st chapter, feel free. Contact Rachel McClellan to find out what you need to give her for the post.

Event Announcements
Executive in charge: Kayla Curry

So this is the “miscellaneous” category. An event is a blog hop, contest, etc. This does not cover book tours or free days (see above).Kayla Curry is in charge of events, so contact her for more.

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